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Practice Mental Health

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The Sanskrit word ‘manas’ or ‘mana’ means mind. Ayurvedic texts are rich with the knowledge of multi-dimensional aspects of the mind.

Psychological well-being with a blissful state of mind, soul and sense organs is an essential component of health. [Su.Sa. Sutra Sthana 15/41] Ayurveda do not consider the mind a separate entity. Instead, the mind is always combined with the ‘Whole’ well in coordination with body and soul. Thus, the mind can influence gross physiological and sensory functions and spiritual wellbeing as well. Overall personality is identified based on mental attitude. Mental health is important for interpersonal relationships, social and economic aspects of life.

Manas roga in modern age are known as psychiatric diseases & treatment with Ayurvedic principals is known as Ayurvedic psychotherapy. This includes Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, herb and yoga therapy.

It is seen that patients are careless about mental & physical health as they are preoccupied by psychological imbalance.

According to manovigyana, site of mind is heart. Manasa rog are associated with emotional trauma, negative attitude, stress. According to Ayurveda manasa roga are born out of disturbance in satwa guna.

Manas roga or mental diseases are associated with emotion trauma, negative attitude, stress, sexual-abuse, personal losses or drug-induced. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, Manas roga are born out of disturbance in Satva. Satva is largely responsible for inherent quality of the mind. Satva, if overshadowed by Rajas or Tamas, losses its predominance and manifestations are evident from depression, anxiety-neurosis, stress, sham-rage, schizophrenia and above all, melancholia. In era of rat-race and cut-throat competition, we and society are under the influence of Rajas. Thus world today has lot more psychological problem and every human being who is running for survival is facing some kind of mental or psychological disturbances. In spite of great advancement in the science of psychiatry for decades the problems with the management of a certain mental problems like anxiety, stress, mental retardation etc. have remained unsolved. In addition to this, adverse effects of anti-psychotic, anxiolytic medications are creating considerable amount of discomfort to the patient. At this juncture, the better solution for these problems is possible through Ayurveda.

Mental health by Ayurveda & yoga

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